Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ta ta tuesday!

Rizzy left this morning to Cancun, that lucky duck! She hasn't called me yet but I hope she does when she lands. I'm still waiting on the money from the travel agency that we are supposed to get "tomorrow" I put that in quotations because most likely we won't receive it tomorrow or this month at all. Hopefully she has a pleasent time and Congratulations to Patty and Freddy! I saw the chicago wedding pics, beautiful! Many blessings with the years attatched along with it!

Micheal's daddy is sick. I hope he gets better really soon!!! xoxo!

I have some other good news, this is the one I was waiting to spill, I'm starting in the wire department :) It's only part time and then I do what I do now regularly. I'm excited, It's alot to work on, I have a huge procedures manual that I will get looking into, and then I start training on thursday. Yay! That leaves no time for this which I may have to add is quite addicting. My highest score is 1134. Beat that! Anyways, I'm passin on my expertise of Gl's, which is really hard to let go... I'm so used to doing them. I'm a dork I know.

So aside from that, I also want to say Congratulations to Geneva and Dolla! They are soooo In LOVE!!! I'm so happy for her! I saw them at Target last night and they make such an adorable family I can't wait for Kingston to arrive!!!! :D
ps. I haven't seen her smile that big in a long, long time! lol

Looked at computers last night, not in depth, but maybe soon I can really look into one and see if that is my callin for the moment, I can't wait! the things I dream of lol!

All you stay happy!!!!

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