Thursday, February 07, 2008

May the force be with us all

Happy Thursday!

I got my arm poked this morning. I took this blood screening test thing that the bank provided. I must say it wasn't that bad, (Aside from the fasting) I thought I would pass out and my arm would fall off but sure enough it's till attached. Ugh I just had to look away, I no like blood and such... I'm glad that is over and done with!

I love this pic, he is just so adorable and green, how can I not love him? So this is what boys do all day.... Silly guys! He he he!

OOOOO!!! I have a special secret!!! I can't tell you yet, I have to wait till it's officially official :P
I've been looking at Flickr acocunts and I think that is the best way to make me want a camera again.. Soon, indulge in the presence of a camera I may... :]

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Anonymous said...

Love you lots! Yeah, that picture is crazy. I like doing weird things like that, I should show you the one that John made, it's funny too.